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About The SalesUp HQ Platform

SalesUp HQ is a secure web-based communication platform designed to enhance digital communication among producers, regional sales directors, marketing assistants, and case managers. This enables them to receive automated case updates, keep current on case status through custom dashboards, and easily obtain illustrations right from their smartphones. SalesUp HQ’s custom AI engine utilizes the latest structured machine learning techniques to monitor and proactively alert advisors as their cases move through submission, approval and issue processes.

“This innovative SalesUp HQ tool enables us to offer a real time communication and status solution, demonstrating our commitment to developing modern solutions for modern needs."
-- Eric P. Miller, President, First Protective Insurance Group

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Unleash Producers From The Office

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Client Comments

“Our work days and activities keep us busy and on the go. SalesUp HQ
goes with you to help you stay on top of your cases.”

-- Jay Stubbs CLU, Regional Director, First Protective Insurance Group - Mobile, AL

“I like being able to have real time access to how a case is progressing through underwriting. Furthermore to be able to search past cases for current marketing opportunities is huge.
 ‘You mean I don’t have to come to my office all day on a Saturday, flip through the file cabinet looking for term cases moving out of their guarantee term period’.This is great!”

-- Michael R. Cowart, Michael R. Cowart & Associates - Mobile, AL

“The power of the SalesUp HQ platform gives the advisor the ability to manage their business from the palm of their hand. From prospect to paycheck there has never been a system that has allowed an advisor to be this efficient. Simply stated, SalesUp HQ is a game changer!”
-- Tommy Derrick, Regional Director, First Protective Insurance Group - Greenville, SC

"SalesUp HQ is easy to use and provides quick access to all my pending and historical business. One of the biggest benefits for me is SalesUp's automatic text message alerts. Now I never miss an important email message about any of my pending business. The SalesUp HQ platform is a powerful tool for any BGA that wants to deliver a fast and professional service that provides peace of mind and more time to focus for their producers and advisors.”
-- David Stovall, Stovall Financial Group - Asheville, NC

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Setup Fee (One Time)

SalesUp HQ


Sliding Scale Based

Per Active Producing Agent

Agency Branded

$5,000 - $10,000

$75 / $150

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About Us

We specialize in the design, development and deployment of custom white-labeled web and mobile applications. With over 25 years experience working directly with insurance marketing agencies and carriers of supplemental and senior products, our systems are uniquely designed to both enhance existing legacy systems and deliver leading edge capabilities required by today's progressive and technically experienced producer.

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8230 Old Federal Road,
Montgomery, AL 36117